Olivia Petroleum

Olivia Petroleum, S.A.U. (OPSA), is an independent facility of category C petroleum products, as well as their storage and supply.

Our facilities are located in the Free Tax Zone of Cádiz.

OPSA’s location is strategic to cover Mediterranean and European/African traffic. We are the only Bunker facility in the Bay of Cadiz.


  • Leasing of tancaje or storage facilities for all types of petroleum products.
  • National and international transport of goods by road.
  • Wholesale trade in crude oil and petroleum refining products.
  • Wholesale trade of all kinds of goods, exclusively within the areas and free warehouses port and airport.

OPSA obtained the title of WHOLESALE OPERATOR OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS from the Ministry of Industry of Spain in 2011

The products distributed by Olivia Petroleum range from RON 95 and 98 Gasolines to medium distillates such as Diesel A/B/C and heavy fuels such as Fuel Oil of 380 cSt viscosity, taking as a reference the official specifications of CLH.

From our terminal in Cádiz we offer the supply service of the IFOS under the specifications demanded by our customers.